Starting Anew Again

Off and on I’ve been researching my family history for several years.  Every few years I tend to start over again for some reason: lost interest, hard drive crash, and so on. And this time is no different!  The latest hard drive crash occurred a couple of months ago and took with it my largest attempt yet at a family tree, rife with source citations, pictures, and document scans. It was a pretty devastating loss.  But, it gives me this new opportunity to begin again.

Every time I start over, I learn something new about this process.  Some new step I should have taken, some new bit of information I overlooked before, some new web site to aid in my research.  And as I learn these things, I sometimes think about sharing them.  So, that’s what this blog will be about — the re-beginning of my research and how I connect the dots.

Who am I researching, and where and I researching them?

Primarily, I am researching the Graham family of Searcy County, Arkansas.  That’s where I’m re-starting, at least.

My Graham line in Arkansas seems to be somewhat of a dead-end, too.  Which leads to another reason why I’ve decided to write this blog about my research. I intend to trick other people into contributing by giving them information!  So, by writing about how much trouble I’m having with my Graham line, I hope someone out there will present a piece of information that will break the log jam.

Before I go further, I want to thank Larry D. Watts and Gail Feese* for the contributions they’ve made to my research. Thank you, cousins!

* Gail has asked that I not publish online any information that she has shared with me, and I have promised to honor her request.  Therefore, any information that appears on this blog will be only from publicly available sources.


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