DNA Doings

In September, FamilyTreeDNA was having a sale on their DNA testing kits, so I went ahead and ordered the Family Finder test. I’d been thinking about submitting a DNA test for a while, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I’m now waiting on the results, which are expected by 9 January 2013.

There are two projects on FamilyTreeDNA that may be of interest to readers of this journal. The first is the Graham Surname DNA Project, with the goal “to identify Graham lines who have common ancestry as an aid to genalogy research” (sic). The project web site can be reached at:

The second project is the Watts/Watt/Watson Families Reconstruction Project, of which one of the Group Administrators is Barbara Van Camp, who also manages The WATTS Family at MyFamily.com. “The Project collects chromosome testing of Y-DNA from Watts and Watt/Watson related males in an attempt to discover biological links where the genealogy paper trail has been lost in the mists of time.” The project web site can be found here:

I have joined both projects, and look forward to sharing my results with them. Of course, whatever I learn will be shared on this journal was well.

Incidentally, FamilyTreeDNA is currently having another sale on their tests until 31 December 2012.


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