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Obituary: Mildred Watts

From AppealDemocrat.com:

Mildred Isabel Watts

Mildred Isabel WattsApril 22, 1929 – November 20, 2012

Mildred Watts of Pioneer, CA died November 20, 2012 in Sacramento, California.

Born April 22, 1929 in Imo, Arkansas to Jewel and Archie Gates. She loved to garden, can, and was known for her homemade biscuits, gravy, and pear pie. Mildred was a wealth of information. She was independent and took pride in taking care of all. Her heart was always in Amador County no matter where she lived.

Mildred was preceded by her husband of 60 years Vernon Watts[1], and survived by her sister Mary Shockley. She was a loving mother to her children Lillian Dollman, Judy Kennedy, Jan Watts and her husband Mick Mocettini, and Don and his wife Teri Watts. She was an adoring grandmother to her 8 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

A viewing will be held on Thursday, November 29, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Ullrey Memorial Chapel, 817 Almond Street, Yuba City, CA. A memorial service will be at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at Sutter Cemetery in the gazebo at 7200 Butte Avenue, Sutter, CA.


[1] Vernon Lee Watts was the son of James Madison Watts and Sylvannia R. Bohannon, and the grandson of Siler Watts and Eliza Ann Graham. Mildred and Vernon were married on 21 December 1945 in Searcy County, Arkansas. Vernon died on 21 March 2005 in California.


AppealDemocrat.com. “Mildred Isabel Watts,” Appeal-Democrat [Marysville-Yuba City, CA], Tuesday, 27 November 2012. Retrieved on 10 December 2012.


Signature Move

I recently exchanged a couple of e-mails with Donald Bohannan. He wrote, in part, that he had a copy of Mary Matilda Bohannon’s signature from her marriage document1 and suggested that I correct the spelling of her surname on my journal since it appeared she signed it “Bohannan”.

I do not wish to enter into a debate over the correct spelling of the name. Anyone that has done family research has encountered variations of spellings in the names of people, places and things.JHGmarriagefull In some cases, even the people that we’re researching used different spellings of their own names at different times. And in other cases, names were misspelled by those charged with official duties involving recordkeeping.

Donald is correct that the surname appears to be spelled “Bohannan” on the marriage document. However, I do not believe that is Matilda’s signature on the form. To my eyes, it appears that the entire document was filled out by one man, V. C. Bratton. Mister Bratton served as the Clerk of Searcy County from 1886 to 18902.

Click on the image to the right, and you can see the scan of the document that is available from the FamilySearch web site.

Now we’re going to take a closer look at certain aspects of the form. We’ll start with the two signatures at the top of the Bond for Marriage License section, J. H. Graham and J. N. S. Watts. That’s John Henry Graham and James Newton Siler Watts. Look at the “J” in both names. Very similar bottom loop on the “J”.


(An aside: The “H” kind of looks like a cursive “F”. That’s probably why this form has been indexed under the name “J. F. Graham” at FamilySearch!)

Sure, the “a” in Graham looks a bit different from the “a” in Watts. But let’s look down the sheet to the clerk’s signature. Look specifically at his surname and the “a” and the double “t”. Compare that to the same combination of letters in “Watts” above. A closer match, to be sure.


Matilda’s name appears twice on the form. This is the first instance. Compare the “ha” in Bohannan with the “ha” in Graham above. Also, the “at” in Matilda to the “at” in Watts above.


Matilda’s name appears next in the Marriage License section of the form. Compare the “Ma” in both Marshall and Matilda.


Now look back at the signature block in the Bond for Marriage License. Again, the “J” on both names looks very similar. But also, there is an “x” on both lines surrounded by the words “his mark”. That suggests that John and Siler could not sign their own names!


So, if it appears that John and Siler could not sign their own names, perhaps Matilda did not sign her own. But, before we jump to any conclusions, let us consider another piece of evidence.

The Twelfth Census of the United States3 was enumerated in the summer of 1900, some eleven years after the marriage of John and Matilda. Among the data recorded by that census was the education level of the citizens – whether they had attended school, could read, write, and speak English. For John and Matilda’s entry, the answers were all the same:  the block indicating whether they had attended school was blank, the block for whether they could read was filled in “No”, the block for whether they could write was filled in “No”, and the block for whether they could speak English was filled in “Yes”.


You can view a scan of the census document on Ancestry.com by following the link in the Sources at the end of this article.

It is my opinion that the marriage document of John Henry Graham and Mary Matilda Bohannon was filled out entirely by V. C. Bratton, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Searcy County, and that neither John, Siler, nor Matilda wrote any part of it. Therefore, it cannot be taken as an example of the handwriting of anyone other than Mister Bratton.

This doesn’t settle the “Bohannan” versus “Bohannon” question, though. It’s not my aim to settle it.


1. FamilySearch.org. “Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1957.” Entry for J. F. Graham and Matilda Bohannan; citing County Records, FHL microfilm 1,031,118; Searcy County Courthouse, Marshall, Arkansas. Retrieved from FamilySearch.org on 20 October 2011

2. Godspeed, Weston Arthur, ed.  The Province and the States, Volume VII, pages 145-7. Madison, WI, USA: The Western Historical Association, 1904. Retrieved from Google Books on 20 October 2011.

3. Ancestry.com. Twelfth Census of the United States. Entry for John H. Graham; Year: 1900; Census Place: Red River, Searcy, Arkansas; Roll: T623_76; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 125. Retrieved from Ancestry.com on 20 October 2011.

The Many Wives of Patrick, Part 1: Rixey Ann Watson

On 8 June 1861, voters in Tennessee approved a referendum to secede from the United States of America to join the Confederacy, the last state to do so.

Upon the end of the Civil War, Tennessee was the first of the seceding states to have its elected members re-admitted to the United States Congress, on 24 July 1866.

In the Reconstruction Era that followed, John and Sarah Watson moved their family from Georgia to Polk County, Tennessee.

The 1870 census recorded that John and Sarah lived on a farm in the Fifth Civil District of Polk County.  They had seven children on the farm with them, as follows:

  • Arbizensy Watson, female, born circa 1854 in Georgia
  • Lucious Watson, male, born circa 1857 in Georgia
  • William H Watson, male, born circa 1859 in Georgia
  • Laura J Watson, female, born circa 1861 in Georgia
  • Elizabeth Watson, female, born circa 1863 in Georgia
  • Minerva (“Manurvy” on the census) Watson, female, born circa 1866 in Georgia
  • Rixey Ann Watson, female, born 7 March 1869 in Tennessee.

Lucious and William worked the farm with their father. Arbizensy had her occupation listed as “at home”, while the rest of the girls had none recorded. Arbizensy, Lucious and William had all attended school within the previous year, but none of the children could read or write.

By 1872, the family had moved to Arkansas, where son John Watson was born that year.

Another daughter, Florance Watson, was born circa 1877 in Arkansas.

The 1880 census recorded the family living on a farm in Archey Valley Township, Van Buren County, Arkansas.  Arbizensy had moved out, but John and Sarah still had the rest of the children with them.  It was recorded that Sarah and the children could neither read nor write, but that Laura and Rixey had attended school within the census year.

Patrick Bohannan First Marriage DetailBy 1886, sixteen years old Rixey Watson was involved with a nineteen years old man named Patrick Lyons Bohannon of Bear Creek Township in Searcy County, which bordered Van Buren to the north.  On 12 “Febry” 1886, Patrick paid a one hundred dollar bond for a marriage license, with C. B. Cotton signing as security.  Since C. B. Cotton was also a Justice of the Peace, he performed the marriage ceremony for Patrick and Rixey on 18 February 1886.  The marriage record was filed by M. Dampf, county clerk.

Circa 1887, Patrick and Rixey had their first child, a daughter named Sarah M Bohannon.

Unfortunately, there is no data from the 1890 census as it was destroyed in a fire in 1921.

On 31 December 1893, their daughter Sylvannia Bohannon was born.

Circa 1895, their son John Alexander Bohannon was born.

Rixey Ann Bohannon, née Watson, died on 17 October 1895 at the age of 26.  She was interred at Bear Creek Cemetery in Searcy County, Arkansas.

Patrick would eventually remarry.

Name Variations

Rixey’s name variations include:  “Rixey Watson” on the 1870 census;  “Rixy A Watson” on the 1880 census; “Rixey A Watson” on the marriage documents;  “Roxann Rixey Watson Bohannon” at Find A Grave.  Member trees on Ancestry have her listed variously as “Rixey Ann Watson”, “Roxanne Watson”, and “Roxy Watson”.  Since her middle initial was given as “A” on at least two sources, I suspect that the “Roxann” on her grave marker may be a conflation of “Rixey Ann”, so I have recorded her as Rixey Ann Watson in my own family tree.

Patrick was listed as “P.L. Bohannan” on the marriage documents. I took the middle name “Lyons” from various member trees on Ancestry, but I admit that I do not have a hard source for it.


I thought this was Graham Ancestry! What has this got to do with the Grahams?

Well, there is an indirect connection here.  Patrick and Rixey’s daughter Sylvannia Bohannon would marry James Madison Watts in 1912.  James was the son of James Newton Siler Watts and Eliza Ann Graham.

But there is a direct connection you’ll have to wait to see.


Ancestry.com:  United States Federal Census of 1870, 1880, and 1910;  California Death Index, 1940 – 1997 (for Sylvannia);  Social Security Death Index (for Sylvannia).

FamilySearch.org:  Arkansas County Marriages, 1837 – 1957.

Find A Grave:  Memorial for Roxann Rixey (Watson) Bohannon.

Wikipedia: Tennessee.

Eliza Revisited

Today, I published a major revision of my article from October 2010 on Eliza Ann Graham.  The following changes have been made:

  • Added detailed information from the 1880 census.
  • Added more details from the marriage document of Eliza and Siler Watts, and included a scan of that document.
  • Tweaked 1900 census paragraph.
  • Added an image from 1920 census.
  • Added both Eliza’s and Siler’s ages at death.
  • Added to variations of Eliza’s name.
  • Added a paragraph on variations of Siler’s name.
  • Made adjustments to the article’s formatting to match the appearance of other articles.

Read the revised article here!

Fourth And Three

Two tidbits of information revealed themselves to me as a result of my recent timeline post.

Fourth Born

Following the end of the Civil War, the United States Congress passed the Reconstruction Act, which placed the former Confederate states into five military districts overseen by the United States Army.  Each district was governed by a general and under martial law.  Arkansas and Mississippi comprised the Fourth Military District.

James Newton Siler Watts, my great grand uncle (and husband of Eliza Ann Graham), was born on 1 January 1868 in Searcy County, Arkansas during the time when Arkansas was part of the Fourth Military District.

The United States Congress re-admitted Arkansas into the Union on 22 June 1868.  The Fourth Military District was abolished when Mississippi was re-admitted into the Union on 23 February 1870.

Three Brothers, One World War

I had previously recorded in their separate entries that three of my grand uncles, Jessie Cornelius Graham, William Thomas Graham, and John Jasper Graham had all registered for the First World War draft in the city of Marshall, Arkansas.  What I failed to notice until I compiled the timeline was that they all registered on the same day, 5 June 1917.  In retrospect, that makes a lot of sense.  They probably travelled into town together from the family farm in Red River Township.

Timeline Thus Far

I thought it might be neat to take some of the dates mentioned in the articles on Graham Ancestry and arrange them in chronological order along with some other significant American historical milestones.

Nineteenth Century

4 July 1819.  The Territory of Arkansas was created from a portion of the Missouri Territory.

15 June 1836.  Arkansas was admitted into the Union as a slave state.

13 December 1838.  Searcy County, Arkansas was formed from a portion of Madison County.

June 1844.  Sarah F Scott was born in Alabama, USA.

1845.  Jesse Graham was born in Alabama, USA.

11 January 1861.  Alabama declared its secession from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America.

Civil War Began

12 April 1861.  The American Civil War began when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

6 May 1861.  Arkansas declared its secession from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America.

15 April 1865.  United States President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC.

Circa 1865.  Jesse Graham married Sarah F Scott in Alabama, Confederate States of America.

Circa 1865.  William Graham was born to Jesse and Sarah Graham in Alabama, Confederate States of America.

20 August 1866.  United States President Andrew Johnson issued a proclamation affirming the end of the Civil War.

Civil War Ended

1 January 1868.  James Newton Siler Watts was born in Searcy County, Arkansas, Fourth Military District.  The Fourth Military District was made up of Arkansas and Mississippi, both former states of the Confederacy that had not yet been re-admitted into the Union.

22 June 1868.  The United States Congress restored Arkansas to the Union.

13 July 1868.  The United States Congress restored Alabama to the Union.

5 September 1868.  Eliza Ann Graham was born in Alabama, USA to Jesse and Sarah Graham.

29 July 1869.  Mary Matilda Bohannon born in Arkansas, USA.

8 May 1870.  John Henry Graham born in Texas, USA to Jesse and Sarah Graham.

1879.  Mary F Graham born to Jesse and Sarah Graham in Searcy County, Arkansas.

1 June 1880The Tenth Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

5 August 1886.  James Newton Siler Watts married Eliza Ann Graham in Searcy County, Arkansas.

November 1887.  Elizabeth Watts was born to James and Eliza Watts.

3 October 1889.  John Henry Graham married Mary Matilda Bohannon in Searcy County, Arkansas.

2 June 1890The Eleventh Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

17 September 1890.  Evisa Jane Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

2 February 1891.  James Madison Watts was born to James and Eliza Watts.

22 July 1892.  Jessie Cornelius Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

1 October 1892.  Emma Sarah Watts was born to James and Eliza Watts.

1 September 1893.  Mary Ausidine Watts was born to James and Eliza Watts.

18 October 1893.  Callie Dona Watts was born in Oklahoma, USA.

20 February 1894.  William Thomas Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

9 May 1894.  Virgie Viola Copeland was born in Arkansas, USA.

19 January 1896.  John Jasper Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

January 1897.  William Jessie Watts was born to James and Eliza Watts.

23 August 1897.  Silas Midaner “Danner” Copeland was born in Arkansas, USA.

21 December 1897.  Mary Adaline Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

4 March 1898.  James Newton Siler Watts died at the age of 30.

1 June 1900The Twelfth Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

16 June 1900.  Sarah Rosabelle Graham was born of John and Mary Graham. She was either stillborn or died shortly thereafter.

Twentieth Century

16 February 1902.  Emma Dorothy Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

16 June 1904. Stella Viona Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

16 October 1905.  Seven-year-old Mary Adaline Graham died.

7 December 1907.  Nona Elizabeth Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

12 August 1909.  Daniel Paig Graham was born to John and Mary Graham.

15 April 1910The Thirteenth Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

World War I Began

28 June 1914.  World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

7 January 1917.  John Jasper Graham married Silas Midaner “Danner” Copeland in Searcy County, Arkansas.

11 March 1917. Jessie Cornelius Graham married Callie Dona Watts in Searcy County, Arkansas.

United States Entered World War I

6 April 1917.  The United States Congress declared war on Germany.

5 June 1917.  Brothers Jessie Cornelius Graham, William Thomas Graham, and John Jasper Graham all registered for the World War I draft at the local board in Marshall, Arkansas.

29 October 1917.  Denver Etridge Graham was born to John and Danner Graham.

4 November 1917.  William Thomas Graham married Virgie Viola Copeland in Searcy County, Arkansas.

11 March 1918. Ruby Duell Graham was born to Jessie and Callie Graham.

8 August 1918.  Erman Zebedee Graham was born to William and Virgie Graham.

11 November 1918.  World War I ended with an armistice signed at Compiègne, France.

World War I Ended

Between 1917 – 1919.  William Thomas Graham honorably discharged from the United States Army.

1 January 1920The Fourteenth Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

19 January 1920. Albert John Graham was born to Jessie and Callie Graham.

30 July 1920.  Dempsey Ray Graham was born to John and Danner Graham.

10 January 1921.  Most of the Eleventh Census (1890) was destroyed by a fire in the Commerce Building in Washington, DC.

7 February 1920.  Pernie Willodean Graham was born to William and Virgie Graham.

12 September 1920.  William Thomas Graham died at the age of 27.

1922.  Julus R Graham was born to John and Danner Graham.

9 March 1924.  Virgie Viola (Copeland) Graham, widow of William Thomas Graham, married Grover Morley Condley.

5 January 1925.  Berlene V Graham was born to John and Danner Graham.

20 August 1925.  Alvin Jesse Graham was born to Jessie and Callie Graham.

Great Depression Began

29 October 1929. The crash of the stock market marked the beginning of the Great Depression.

1 April 1930The Fifteenth Census of the United States was enumerated nationwide.

Circa 1930.  DeLois Graham was born to John and Danner Graham.

1935.  Alpha Graham was born to Jessie and Callie Graham.

World War II Began

1 September 1939.  World War II began with the German invasion of Poland and Slovakia.

Great Depression Ended / United States Entered World War II

7 December 1941.  The United States entered World War II following a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Empire of Japan.

27 April 1942.  Jessie Cornelius Graham registered for the World War II draft.

21 September 1944.  Mary Matilda (Bohannon) Graham died at the age of 75.

2 September 1945.  World War II ended with the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

World War II Ended

24 April 1946.  John Henry Graham died at the age of 75.

3 August 1947.  Eliza Ann (Graham) Watts died at the age of 78.

27 September 1958.  Callie Dona (Watts) Graham died at the age of 64.

22 November 1963.  United States President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, USA.

10 December 1966.  Denver Etridge Graham married Opal Geeham in Morley, Missouri, USA.

20 July 1969.  The Apollo 11 mission successfully completed the first landing of humans on the Moon.

15 August 1975.  Jessie Cornelius Graham died at the age of 83.

August 1979.  John Jasper Graham died at the age of 83 in Morley, Missouri, USA.

28 January 1986.  Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed 73 seconds after the launch of its tenth mission.  All seven crew members died.

16 February 1990.  Opal (Geeham) Graham died in Missouri, USA.

31 December 1991.  The dissolution of the USSR was completed, ending the Cold War that had existed between the USSR and the United States since the end of World War II in 1945.

11 June 1996.  Silas Midaner “Danner” (Copeland) Graham died at the age of 98 in Oran, Missouri, USA.

Twenty-First Century

11 September 2001.  Terrorists attacked the United States with hijacked jetliners, destroying the World Trade Center in New York City and damaging the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, USA.

1 February 2003.  Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed during re-entry on its 28th mission.  All seven crew members died.

10 September 2004.  Denver Etridge Graham died at the age of 86 in Missouri, USA.

15 October 2010.  Graham Ancestry journal went online at WordPress.com.

Jesse & Sarah Graham

Jesse Graham was born circa 1844 somewhere in Alabama.  I have found conflicting information about his parents, so I will not commit to any names yet.

Sarah F. Scott was born on 5 June 1844 somewhere in Alabama.  Jesse and Sarah were wed circa 1864 in Alabama.

While residing in Alabama they had at least two children:  William, born circa 1865, and Eliza Ann, born in 1868.

At some point, the family moved to Texas.  Their son John Henry Graham was born there in 1870.  I haven’t yet found this family in the 1870 census.

By 1879 the family had settled in Bear Creek Township, Searcy County, Arkansas, and their daughter Mary Frances Graham was born.

The facts in the preceding paragraphs were derived from the 1880 United States Federal Census.

In June of 1882, the couple welcomed another daughter, Minnie Graham.

The 1890 census, of course, was lost in a fire in 1921, and therefore no census data is available on this family for that year.


On 22 May 1895, Jesse obtained a plat of land under the Homestead Act of 1862. The plat was “the East half of the South West-quarter, the North West-quarter of the South West-quarter and the South West-quarter of the North West-quarter of Section four in Township thirteen North of Range sixteen West of the Fifth Principal Meridian in Arkansas containing one hundred and sixty acres and sixteen hundredths of an acre.”

Jesse Graham

Grave marker of Jesse Graham, Shady Grove Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.


In early 1900, Jesse Graham died at the approximate age of 55.  He was interred at Shady Grove Cemetery in Searcy County, Arkansas.

The 1900 census recorded the widow Sarah, 55,  living with her 17 years old daughter Minnie.  This census also recorded that Jesse and Sarah had a total of eight children, with four living in 1900.  Drawing upon the two census gives us this list of children, numbered only for convenience and not birth order:

  1. William Graham, born c. 1865
  2. Eliza Ann Graham, born 5 September 1868
  3. John Henry Graham, born 8 May 1870
  4. Mary Frances Graham, born c. June 1879
  5. Minnie Melinda Adeline Graham, born 10 June 1882
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Unknown

Eliza, John, Mary and Minnie have all been confirmed as alive in 1900, so it was William and the three unknown children that had died by 1900.  Their places of burial and the circumstances of their deaths are, at present, unknown to me.  William was recorded on the 1880 census, so his death occurred sometime between 1880 and 1900, a span of twenty years.


Sarah was apparently enumerated twice in the 1910 census (see The Tale of Two Sarahs).  The first time was for Red River Township, enumerated on 2 May 1910.  It recorded Patrick Bohannon as the head of the household, married to Mary F. “Mollie” Graham, and resided with them was Sarah Graham, mother-in-law, age 65, widowed, mother of eight with four living.

1910 Patrick Bohannon Census Detail

1910 Census for Patrick Bohannon, Red River Township, Searcy County, Arkansas, showing Sarah Graham living with the Bohannons.

The second time was for Wiley’s Cove Township, enumerated on 4 May 1910.  It recorded Ezekial H. Melton, 62, as the head of the household, married to Minnie Graham, 28, with a 34 year difference in their ages.  Resided with them was Sarah Graham, mother in law, age 66, widowed, mother of eight with four living.


By the 1920 census Sarah, then 76, had moved to Shady Grove Township to stay with her eldest daughter Eliza Ann, who was the widow of James Newton Siler Watts. Interestingly, Eliza’s age was recorded as 45 – she would’ve actually been 52 in 1920.

Eliza Watts 1920 Census Detail

1920 Census for Eliza Ann (Graham) Watts, Shady Grove Township, Searcy County, Arkansas.

Sarah Scott Graham

Grave marker of Sarah (Scott) Graham at Shady Grove Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.

Sarah F. Graham, née Scott, died in Watts, Red River Township, Searcy County, Arkansas on 14 November 1928 from “old feeble age”.  Her death was reported to the Arkansas State Board of Health by her grandson Lester Bohannon.  Sarah was interred beside her husband Jesse at Shady Grove Cemetery on 18 November 1928.


Jesse’s name was recorded as “Graham, Jesse” on both the 1880 census and on the Graham Family Data Sheet, and as “Jesse Graham” on his land patent.

Sarah’s name was recorded as “Graham, Sarah” on the 1880 census, in both districts from the 1910 census, and in the Arkansas Death Index.  She was “Graham, Sarah F” on both the 1900 and 1920 census.  The Graham Family Data Sheet recorded her maiden name as “Scott, Sarah”.  Her first name was spelled “Sarrah” on her Certificate of Death.

Sarah’s Certificate of Death appeared to record her birth date as 5 June 1838, but then gives her age at death as 84 years, 4 months and 9 days.  That does not add up.  If we calculate her age using the birth year of 1844, as given by the 1880 census, the result is 84 years, 5 months and 9 days, which is just about right.


Ancestry.com. United States Federal Census for years 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920; Census Places: Red River and Wiley’s Cove, Searcy, Arkansas. Retrieved on 25 December 2011.

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